RV Park Commercial Laundry Equipment in Dallas, TX


If you own or manage an RV park in or around Dallas, TX, then the amenities you offer can be a great way to attract people. One of these amenities is a laundry room. However, the equipment you have in your laundry room can either detract from or add to the experience. Ensure you provide top-notch service with Commercial Equipment Company’s superior RV park laundry room equipment.

What Laundry Equipment Do We Supply?

We lease out quality washers and dryers, usually from Speed Queen. With us, you get access to these washers and dryers for a long time, based on your specific RV park’s needs, budget, and contract length. We will provide as many washers and dryers as you need so that your RV park campers will be happy and satisfied.

Not only do we supply great laundry room equipment, but all of our equipment comes with an app that has lots of great features. For example, with the app, it starts the washer, lets people see how many minutes are left for washing or drying, and allows people to see what washers and dryers are available.

Why Choose Us for Your Laundry Room Needs?

We know that keeping campers satisfied can be somewhat of a challenge, but we’re here to help. We want to ensure you and your campers have the best laundry experience possible.

First, we offer decades of experience in the commercial equipment industry. We know the challenges RV park owners can come across with their laundry room facilities, so we aim to provide whatever assistance we can to alleviate those pain points.

Then, we also provide free maintenance for all machines we lease to you. All equipment goes down now and again, and we’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen often. With our maintenance, you don’t have to worry about frequent downtime or expensive repair costs. Plus, you can enjoy the laundry machines for longer.

Call us at 972.991.WASH (9274) or contact us online to learn more about our RV park commercial laundry equipment.